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Accu-Placer Standards TS Manufacturing's Accu-Placer is a modular Automatic Stick Placer for modern, demanding sawmills. It's available in standard and advanced configurations, (see below). The standard system places sticks 4'- 8' long, accepts a variety of cross-sectional styles (Flat, Fluted, Breeze-DriedĀ®, Iron StickĀ® and others.)


  The Accu-Placer System
  • Most accurate placing possible, even with crooked sticks, via its patent pending 'Accu-Placing' method

  • Ensures consistent drying results with reduced lumber deformation

  • Patent pending 'Total Stick' verification system ensures accurate stick laying

  • Sticks are verified until their final placement, ensuring that there are no sticks on edge or missing in any layer

  • Missing or rotated sticks are detected, rejected and replaced automatically without operator interruption

  • Sticks can be placed on center from as little as 8" spacing with custom over length patterns, ensuring sticks are placed precisely, according to your requirements

  • Patterns can vary to suit your lumber specifications

  • As little as 8" gap between sticks is possible

  • Retrofittable to nearly any stacker

  • Capable of placing over 12 layers/minute

Accu-Placer infeed bins

  Designing the Standard Infeed
  • 2 strand, deep pile stick chains, with containment walls, allow loading from carts or bundles

  • High efficiency Stick Unscrambler

  • High-speed Lug Loader

The Standard Accu-Placer

  • Patent pending Double Gripper System for perfect centering of sticks every time

  • Two strand presentation chains precisely center sticks under Accu-Placer grippers

  • Overhead, belt driven carriage with electric Servo Drive, for high speed performance (12+ layers/minute)

  • Precision Grippers detect missing or misoriented sticks, & auto-center the stick for optimum layer load distribution

  • Combination stick/tier bumper ensures even package edge, reducing broken sticks by leaving a clean edge on the bundle

Accu-Placer Modular Options

Module 1: Use Your Own Multiple Stick Types  
The Accu-Placer can be fed with multiple stick types, eliminating the 'Clean Out' between stick change-ups. This patent pending feature allows operators to utilize low cost sticks on low value products, while using higher cost sticks on high value products.

Automatic handling of two or more stick types allows you to immediately upgrade to Automatic Stick Placement, with the stick savings often exceeding the cost of the Stick Placer. These savings continue with reduced operating costs on lower value packages, compared with sticking all packages with more expensive sticks.

  • Dual Stick Type Feed System with dedicated, type specific Deep Pile Chains, and Unscramblers
  • Pushbutton stick type transition occurs in the time required to discharge a package

Module 2: 90° Transfer Option

This option allows stick handling to occur behind the stacker operator allowing better access to the stick chains while keeping their focus on course makeup efficiency and not lug loader efficiency, resulting in more layers per minute and more efficient kiln usage.

Module 3: Patent Pending Stick Scanning System

The stick scanning and rejection system ensures that all sticks meet the specific length, width, thickness, curvature and bow requirements you specify. Only acceptable sticks are placed upon the pack. This allows you to specify the quality of stick you wish to place and make adjustments based on the value of the lumber you are sticking.

Module 4: Patent Pending TS Multi-Chain System
Run everything slower but get more sticks per minute. This revolutionary concept allows the lug system to run continuously immediately gaining up to 30% lug filling time. TS Multi-Chains allow automatic pattern filling and production improvements while handling 'empty lug' and misfilled lug patterns automatically, without operator interruption.

Module 5: Singulating Unscrambler & Step Feeder

This system can be combined with our patent pending TS Multi-Chains, to create a revolutionary lug loader free system.

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